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Musings and Rhymes


I write to heal. I write to learn. I write to grow.

Better. Easier.
I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a dog dad, a friend, a builder, a coach, a Ranger, a human.

I am a survivor, a throwback, a success, a failure, a winner, a loser, a goldmine, a bust.

I am a writer. I am the poet. I am the words you eat...

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December 20, 1989


Cold so deep, my bones hurt like a tooth ache, Toes, fingers, and nose numb and stabbed with pins. Breath curling above my head like...


Getting to know myself Is a curious proposition. Harder than imagined & Not a task I fathomed Performing during my Late middle adulthood....

Plain and Simple

It is work, plain and simple. Choices, not just the easy shit, Define your day, even who you are. “It’s up to me, but am I up to it?” I...

Past Slipping By

The past keeps slowly slipping by, Out of reach, hiding beyond every yesterday, No escape from its perpetual journey. Tomorrow it will...


Senses of You

I feel your soft touch, fingers trailing up my back, I see that special twinkle in your eyes, I hear a certain husky tone in your laugh,...


The Path Forward (The Way of the Heart)

my failures, my hurts, my victimhood, my anger, my fear, my Heart? my presence, my trust, my forgiveness, my healing, my joy, my Heart!...

The Trek

Lay This Shit Down

I can count my pain as joy. It exists but I am not pain. I exist outside the pain in my heart. I exist outside the pain in my body. I...

Phoenix Reborn


The Barn


When I'm Next To You

Every morning I love waking up When I’m next to you. This beautiful life I’m making up When I’m next to you. My heart beats so fast When...


Slow is Smooth Smooth is Steady Steady is Fast Helping is Healing Teaching is Learning Learning...

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