• Brian M Winningham

The Trek

Courtesy 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army

Weary beyond pain,

Trudging forward.

On into the twilight,

On into the darkness;

The nothingness…

A cloak in the dank dark night

Shrouds my thoughts, my mind.

My senses automatically scanning

Attuned to the darkness;

The nothingness…

Meaningless refrains upon my lips,

Powerful mantras to my will,

Mumbling silently on,

Words whispered in the darkness;

The nothingness…

March or die – Mere words, no meaning

No reason or understanding.

Just step on and on and on and on.

Walk with the darkness;

The nothingness…

Stooped with more than mere weight –

The trek weighs heavy on my mind,

Still I trudge forward – step after step.

Pain nothing but the darkness;

The nothingness…

Days, months, years, lifetimes seem to pass.

Now it’s done and you drop your load.

Immediately the pain flashes deep and raw like lightning

And away slips the darkness;

The nothingness.

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