• Brian M Winningham

Sharp as Knives


Sharp as knives, my thoughtless words slice,

Cutting deep and easy as an assasin’s razor.

It isn’t blood that flows but tears from her eyes,

While she tries to pretend to not let it phase her.

She taught me love at first sight was an actual thing,

One single glimpse of her and I was just plain done.

Worrying about more than what tomorrow might bring,

I couldn’t do what I did before, when all I did was run.

No one can know how to be everything for someone

Mostly we just hope we aren’t too terribly wrong.

Love and Kindness, the path followed by Mary’s Son,

Also my best way to help her understand she is strong.

She has always been brave in ways I wish I was.

I have always been too hard because of MY fear.

Nothing ever turns out exactly as you hope it does.

Why do I hurt worst, the ones I hold most dear?

The best I could do, was poor at times, even if I never quit.

She deserves more, but what we get isn’t based on that

As a kid you are pretty much stuck with whatever you get,

She got me, for better or worse but I’m proud I am her dad.

Pain inherited from me isn’t anger, but fear and regret,

My heart, battered, tattered, and torn, still never lies

I couldn’t even begin to justify how I could ever forget

My world truly began the day she smiled into my eyes.

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