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  • Brian M Winningham

A Ranger's Life

A Ranger’s life – not our own,

No longer even our mother’s.

A possession once haughtily held,

Now a shield and a surety for others.

Having given up all that we were,

But gaining even more in return

In the ultimate school of hard knocks

Where being isn’t given but earned.

Duty and Honor; fealty words

For our spartan new existence,

Our lives and even our deaths owed

In concert with eternal persistence.

Our society’s golden virtues

Bound reverently in our hearts.

Even when the journey’s tough

We will not fail to do our part.

The pride of this great nation

Held diligently in our rough hands,

Our reward, the scars and injuries

Earned eagerly in far foreign lands.

We may give away our everything,

But until then we will not relent.

We fight for this wonderful way of life,

And the glory of the 75th Ranger Regiment!

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