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  • Brian M Winningham


I see you

Sitting there,

Setting sun

Shining in your hair.

Winds-a blowing

Billowing breeze,

You’re lost in thought,

Clutching at your knees.

I look at you,

Into your eyes

Gleaming orbs

Of heavenly sighs.

You smile and softly laugh. Then

My breath catches like a light snuffed out

My heart racing. Starting

To remove all doubt.

What's this heady feeling

Beating inside my chest?

Dare I dream a world of love?

Or what would you suggest?

I reach out

To touch your hair,

But you are gone,

Were never there.

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1 Comment

Pedro Meza
Pedro Meza
Jan 10, 2022

In 1969, I was in Junior High in Los Angeles California, there was a very popular song called "Traces, of Love" by The Classic IV. Mirage touched those old memories of Junior High and High School during the Vietnam War Draft years. Years when we guys felled in love to quickly and married young, mislead by worries of being drafted and seeing a partner that was never there; Mirages.

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