• Brian M Winningham

Light and Darkness

Running and running and running

Only ever serves to make us tired.

Can’t even find the traction to escape

This trough in which we’re mired.

Our soul might only be an electric ghost,

And entities we pray to, shared dreams.

We pinch our arm HARD to make sure,

But even that might not be what it seems.

Kindness and humanity in crisis

And also the truest path forward.

Hoping love is the answer to all,

And giving brings its own just reward.

It’s clear the way through is simple

But that doesn’t mean that it’s smooth.

It is a matter of setting new habits,

After deciding which mountain to move.

Faith may be the first step forward, but

Steps two through the last are struggle.

Every doing is a guess, based on traditions.

Does it ever seem like too much to juggle?

Growing and learning new goals and

Unique ways to view the world.

Using our ears to listen and hear

And not using our words as a sword.

These are thoughts that might heal our heart,

Words to try when life’s hurts bring us low.

But please never ever forget, dearest love,

Light and Darkness joined, keep our spirit whole.

Light shines kindness upon us to invigorate us,

Darkness wields the peace and rest we need.

Light brings us clarity, purpose and heart. but

Darkness grants us magic, hope and dreams!

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