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  • Brian M Winningham

The Fight

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

(Title courtesy of Jennifer Lacy)

I am a soldier, an elite, hardened warrior

Attacking my enemies with such vigorous fervor

Extremely skilled in all martial arts

Never shirking, pitching-in, always doing my part.

As a battle tactician, my skill’s unmatched,

Holding the line in armor pitted, dented, and scratched,

My pugnacious tenacity rarely paralleled,

Weapons and heart and life so very tightly held.

My fight rages from now to decades long past

Proud scars, my badges, pink, puckered, and crass,

Old warriors may expire but we won’t ever quit

Some wounds so deep, they just always feel like shit.

Hold fast! Hold strong! Don’t give up the fight!

Let it go… Surrender… Turn my face to the light!

What kept me alive then, works to kill me now,

Unless I find a way to be vulnerable somehow.

I fight the darkness in battle for my heart,

The surest way to lose is to keep fighting hard.

The only way to win is to give up the fight,

Shine kindness and love and become a beacon of light.

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