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  • Brian M Winningham

Senses of You

I feel your soft touch, fingers trailing up my back,

I see that special twinkle in your eyes,

I hear a certain husky tone in your laugh,

I taste sweet anticipation in your kiss, and

I smell a special meal prepared just for me...

I can feel it in the way you snuggle up to me and hold my hand,

I can smell it in the scent of your shampoo that puts me instantly at home,

I can see it as your eyes roll up and you just melt when I rub your back,

I can hear it in the throaty groaning purr your voice becomes, and

I can taste it in the electricity running through your skin as I nibble your neck...

I can hear the sounds of us being quiet!

I can smell the fire burning from inside!

I can feel your nails in my skin!

I can taste the love in your breath! And

I can see the stars and universe explode!!!

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