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Musings and Rhymes


I write to heal. I write to learn. I write to grow.

Better. Easier.
I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a dog dad, a friend, a builder, a coach, a Ranger, a human.

I am a survivor, a throwback, a success, a failure, a winner, a loser, a goldmine, a bust.

I am a writer. I am the poet. I am the words you eat...

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I Am the Poet

Mrs. Withers

Lucky Hates Trucks

For all the pipeliners I know. To all the wonderful folks in Eureka Springs, thanks for the memories. This story is 100% true; at least...

The Need

April in Istanbul

April glanced nervously left and right. The hot and airless street was mostly deserted, just a skinny dog circling over a shady spot and...

Combat Jump

Ensconced in a bubble of gear and weapons in the belly of our courser, Roaring and bucking across the sky on clouds of metal and smoke....

Homeless Prayer

I shuffle along in the sand. This walkway in paradise. Ignored or shunned By the tourists – Doesn’t matter. They aren’t real, don’t...

A Middle Life


My knees are hurting, My patience is short, My words come out different Than I mean in my head. The mistakes I make Aren’t because I...

Become One

From behind I bunch up your hair in my hands, Then I let my fingers glide through intently, Like a weaver pulling wool through a card...

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