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  • Brian M Winningham


Fear gnawing at the insides of my chest

Choking me, fighting me for every lifegiving breath

Lancing me like a lightning bolt shot from distance

Straight through my brain and into my heart.

Screaming terror kept buried inside until my soul is raw,

Quivering and shaking, pissing and groaning, frozen and ashamed.

Whites of my eyes flashing every direction all at once, unable to focus.

The hairs on my scalp and neck rise like the scruff on a frightened beast.

A demon rides always just behind, pushing me to a frenzied pace

My chest heaves with the herculean effort, bellows blowing

Never moving even knowing they must hear my drumming heart

Bravery is all that’s left when you are too afraid and too tired to run.

It is coming, nothing you can do, impossible to stop, it feels inevitable

Death hammering in the sky, impatient to begin the human harvest,

Bones will be shattered, blood will run in rivers and lives will be broken, as

The first cool rain of fall begins to dot my windshield and shine the pavement.

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