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Musings and Rhymes


I write to heal. I write to learn. I write to grow.

Better. Easier.
I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a dog dad, a friend, a builder, a coach, a Ranger, a human.

I am a survivor, a throwback, a success, a failure, a winner, a loser, a goldmine, a bust.

I am a writer. I am the poet. I am the words you eat...

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Phoenix Reborn


The Barn


When I'm Next To You

Every morning I love waking up When I’m next to you. This beautiful life I’m making up When I’m next to you. My heart beats so fast When...


Slow is Smooth Smooth is Steady Steady is Fast Helping is Healing Teaching is Learning Learning...

Tuesday Morning

Waking up suddenly in our dark shadowed room My heart still racing from nightly terrors never remembered Slows to contentment and peace...

My Girl

I see you. Nightly. Your beauty a nightmare of desire unfulfilled desire. Controlled by regimen, by love by bond. You are a Lifetime...


Looking to the east and the gently rising sun. My morning also very gently begun. Anxiety a far distant faintly buzzing tome. My thoughts...

High Hopes

u & i

a tribute to ee cummings u & i u are gone i am remorse did i push u away did i pull too hard did i violate u’re space did i become too...

To Dad

If Not love



Go and see it! Go and be it! The Embodiment of value. The place Men and Women ply their tradecraft; Building, surveying, demolishing,...

Continuous Improvement for Life

April 2021 Continuous Improvement isn't just a way to work; it is best and most successfully used when it becomes a system for successful...

Hiding Out

Hiding out, Seeking refuge from many Things. Crouching behind Doors tightly shut. Barred from within. Holding feelings without Dismissing...

For You & From You

A certain look from you and for you Fuels my imagination, and Sets my thoughts reeling... A certain touch for you and from you Takes all...


Fear gnawing at the insides of my chest Choking me, fighting me for every lifegiving breath Lancing me like a lightning bolt shot from...

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