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Musings and Rhymes


I write to heal. I write to learn. I write to grow.

Better. Easier.
I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a dog dad, a friend, a builder, a coach, a Ranger, a human.

I am a survivor, a throwback, a success, a failure, a winner, a loser, a goldmine, a bust.

I am a writer. I am the poet. I am the words you eat...

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Tuesday Morning

Waking up suddenly in our dark shadowed room My heart still racing from nightly terrors never remembered Slows to contentment and peace...

My Girl

I see you. Nightly. Your beauty a nightmare of desire unfulfilled desire. Controlled by regimen, by love by bond. You are a Lifetime...


Looking to the east and the gently rising sun. My morning also very gently begun. Anxiety a far distant faintly buzzing tome. My thoughts...

High Hopes

u & i

a tribute to ee cummings u & i u are gone i am remorse did i push u away did i pull too hard did i violate u’re space did i become too...

To Dad

If Not love



Go and see it! Go and be it! The Embodiment of value. The place Men and Women ply their tradecraft; Building, surveying, demolishing,...

Continuous Improvement for Life

April 2021 Continuous Improvement isn't just a way to work; it is best and most successfully used when it becomes a system for successful...

Hiding Out

Hiding out, Seeking refuge from many Things. Crouching behind Doors tightly shut. Barred from within. Holding feelings without Dismissing...

For You & From You

A certain look from you and for you Fuels my imagination, and Sets my thoughts reeling... A certain touch for you and from you Takes all...


Fear gnawing at the insides of my chest Choking me, fighting me for every lifegiving breath Lancing me like a lightning bolt shot from...



I Am the Poet

Mrs. Withers

Lucky Hates Trucks

For all the pipeliners I know. To all the wonderful folks in Eureka Springs, thanks for the memories. This story is 100% true; at least...

The Need

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