• Brian M Winningham

Phoenix Takes Flight

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The deep burning fires of tranquil presence comfort me

The wolves of growth now my constant companions, my pack,

Once their prey, now become the master, I am the Alpha.

Using the things that hurt the most to show the way forward.

Beginning to see things differently; the opportunity, not the calamity.

Trusting the one ally who has never flagged, never doubted,

My heart, once charred and timid, still scarred but strong,

Beating once again, boldly, mindfully and unafraid.

Mayhap, there will always be dark, low, burning, days,

Where the howling sends lightning down my spine and,

I see eyes redly shining in the dark. Monsters are real.

Yet I wake of a day to the breeze of renewal flowing across my soul

Lifting me higher, shining brightly, my heart now a beacon

Of fire ripping across the night sky so others may also see.

The phoenix is and can only be a symbol of the heart

Oh, my beautiful heart, you are soaring once again.

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