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  • Brian M Winningham

Construction Field Leader

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

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I am a Construction Field Leader, a verified master of my Trade.

In my vocation, that’s like a wise guy whose rep’s been made.

I am an expert and a professional who leads without license.

I’m even the voice of reason at times, if that makes any sense.

To my crew, I’m the jefe de jefes, which might come as a shock,

Since my education comes mainly from the school of hard knocks.

My crew plans our work with the utmost, pinpoint accuracy.

Our finish work shines like it came straight from the factory.

Installing the work as true as the documents will allow us,

We make it work even when every damn dimension’s a bust.

But I’m not here looking for acclamation, fortune or even fame.

I just want to do my work well and go watch my kid’s ball game.

We all make mistakes and sometimes things come out all wrong.

Anyone who says they haven’t, better just roll up and go on home.

All of us tend to take it personal, even when it’s not about you.

The truth is that collaboration and flow are really hard work to do.

I am a Construction Field Leader, a verified master of my craft.

Plan and work with us well and please don’t give us the shaft!

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