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  • Brian M Winningham

Lay This Shit Down

I can count my pain as joy.

It exists but I am not pain.

I exist outside the pain in my heart.

I exist outside the pain in my body.

I must stop fighting against the pain.

Accept it and stop giving pain such power over me.

I just have to be vulnerable enough, brave enough,

I just have to love me enough to surrender to change.

Changes about me, changes for me, changes of me,

Benefit everyone and everything around me.

Accepting the current version of me,

Is just the first step to building a better me.

I learned very early to bury the hurt I carry so deep,

Now I wonder in awestruck amazement, how

In all this time it never occurred to me to just…

Lay this shit down.

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Brian Moran
Brian Moran
Jan 02, 2022

I was saved early a Vietnam medic told me just when I needed it to put those things down as a foundation of who you are. Suppressed and hidden sandstone layed down on purpose granite.


Pedro Meza
Pedro Meza
Jan 01, 2022

A ruck march is designed to make you a stronger soldier, which is why the SGT would make us carry extra shit we did not need, so we thought, but at the end of the long match once we finished. We removed our boots to massage our feet and saw that no more blisters like we did from the earlier ruck marches. Looking back at the SGT wisdom foot and muscle pain made us stronger, time did come when we put our extra weight down.

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