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  • Brian M Winningham

Traveling Superintendent

In the Construction realm, I'm a force to be reckoned with,

A master of my craft, in this life I've been beckoned with.

Don’t use schedules, just tell me the real done date.

I will herd these cats using coffee, anger, dip, and hate.

Pulling into town, I’m a real bad mutherfucker,

One ton, a fifth-wheel, and my Malinois, Pucker.

Screaming and yelling and cussing apoplectically,

Slipping into the skin of an asshole, unapologetically.

No head shed to bind me, or to restrict me with rules.

To get shit done right, just clamp down on them jewels.

Screw them before they screw you in this cutthroat bizzy.

My motto “Get yours first before he can go get hizzy.”

Using the contract against them each time it suits

Killing local businesses, cutting them off at the roots.

I’m not even kidding and I ain’t putting up a front:

Two to three of these subcontractors gonna go bankrupt!

Blurring from site to site, year to year, and city to city

Hard to remember, unable to forget… Hey! More’s the pity.

Relationships aren’t created, nurtured, valued, or saved.

The focus on one thing only and that’s get done and get paid.

They say it’s lonely living a life alone on the road.

Have to admit that after a while it sure tends to get old.

Hate, lies, and pain, just a few of the ugly seeds I’ve sown.

Lives have been savaged, not the least of which is my own.

They pay me a lot and at times it almost feels worth it.

Three wives and two kids: five, no, SIX lives held forfeit.

It would be far easier if I could just forget how to feel,

Instead, here I sit, alone, finger itching, sucking cold steel.

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